Thrive Koi Clay
Thrive Koi Clay

Thrive Koi Clay Pricing

Thrive Koi Clay Is Available In 6 Sizes!

Thrive Koi Clay contains the ideal balance of Calcium, Magnesium and trace minerals for Koi and fish health.

Thrive Koi Clay should be used all year long, although some only use it in the summer to combat algae problems.

Thrive Koi Clay is possibly the best food supplement for Koi and pond health from mother earth.

How Much Thrive Koi Clay Do You Need?

See the dosing calculator below for a handy reference.

The pricing below is our suggested retail pricing. If you're looking for a Thrive Koi Clay dealer near you, please contact us with the city and state that you live in, and we will send you the name of a stocking dealer near you.

How to apply Thrive Koi and Pond Clay
Code Description Price
TKC-2 Thrive Koi Clay - 2lb Jar


TKC-4 Thrive Koi Clay - 4lb Jar $16.99
TKC-8 Thrive Koi Clay - 8lb Box $29.99
TKC-15 Thrive Koi Clay - 15lb Box $44.99
TKC-25 Thrive Koi Clay - 25lb Box $69.99
TKC-50 Thrive Koi Clay - 50lb Box $124.99

Thrive Dosage Calculator

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Doses reported above are initial doses for the first three weeks. 
For maintenance dosing, double the results below.